Dubstep Complete Course with SLUGGO

Learn how to make DUBSTEP from the Master himself. SLUGGO has over 100 releases, a Grammy Nomination, was Korn’s touring DJ for nearly 3 years, and has made dubstep for over a decade. In this course, SLUGGO takes you through Drums/Percussion, Basslines, The Drop, Arrangement, FX, and a quick mixdown for premaster. You will watch and lean how to make a complete dubstep track from scratch in a small-group format. These classes fill fast, and have limited availability.

Intro to Production is a prerequisite, or you must test into this course.

Students will receive a Gold Level Membership to AMMP for one (1) month with purchase of this course.

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  • Dubstep
  • drum patterns
  • Engineering
  • Composition
  • Song Structure
  • Plugins
  • EQ & Settings
  • Drums
  • Production

Start Date Times:

$369 – $539

PROD211 – six (6) 2 hour classes. Intro to Production is a prerequisite, or you must test into this course.   Class meets for 6 consecutive weeks.